Experience Counts

Benefit from our unparalleled experience in nutrition science, traditional and functional medicine, the culinary arts and clinical genomic medicine. 

Benefit from our more than 70 years of Experience

With more than 70 years of combined clinical experience, including more than 20 years using clinical genomics in private practice and corporate wellness programs, Roberta Kline, MD, Joe Veltmann, PhD, and Amanda Archibald, RD our instructors have a wealth of experience to share with you.
Together, this trio of talented and dedicated clinicians unite the disciplines of genomic medicine, nutrition science, and the culinary arts for a powerful and unique approach to personalized health.
We'll help you integrate personalized genomic medicine into your practice and take it to a new level.

Joe Veltmann PhD FAAIM DCCN

Dr. Joe Veltmann is a scientist, healthcare practitioner, expert in genomic testing and interpretation, author, teacher and innovator.

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Roberta Kline, MD FACOG


Dr. Roberta Kline is a physician, author, teacher, and entrepreneur who successfully transformed her practice using genomics.

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Amanda Archibald RD


Amanda Archibald's trailblazing work with Culinary Genomics is redefining the food, nutrition and cooking education conversation.

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