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Genomics is defining the new era of medicine. Your patients are asking you for answers, testing and services. Are you ready?

NCG Health Solutions is the first to offer online CME-accredited courses in 
Genomics and Culinary Genomics 


You will learn from experts who have truly been in the clinical "trenches". Together, we have more than 70 years experience providing clinical care to patients, with extensive backgrounds in nutrition science, genomics, and the culinary arts, as well as functional and integrative medicine. We have created and taught courses to health and science professionals in a variety of settings, including university postgraduate programs, medical student and resident physician programs, and continuing education programs across the globe.

Our unique expertise provides you with the scientific background,  real-world clinical applications and culinary solutions for the clientele you serve. No other CME-accredited courses offer such a transformative medicine-to-plate perspective.


Join us and prepare yourself to meet the genomic medicine groundswell!

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Accredited Courses

Accelerate your learning and confidence in applying this revolutionary approach with your patients and clients, and earn continuing education credits at the same time! These in-depth courses can be taken individually or as part of the Basic Certification option.



Non-Accredited Courses

Dip your toe into this exciting new arena with short courses and free recorded webinars that will give you a taste of what we offer. While these courses don't offer continuing education credits, you'll get a wealth of information to get you started on your way!



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