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Nutrition Science, the Culinary Arts, and Genomic Medicine



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Online Courses

Learn how to use Genomics and Culinary Genomics to transform your practice and your patients' health

FOOD IS MEDICINE FOR YOUR GENES ... What Will You Put on Your Plate?


Everything we eat has an impact on how our genes function, and how healthy and vibrant we feel. 

Until now, figuring out the ideal roadmap for helping your clients feel their best has been a process of trial and error. Are you ready to stop guessing and use their DNA blueprint for the ultimate solution for personalized health?

Learn from internationally recognized clinical experts about the science of genomics, and how our food and lifestyle affect us at the DNA level. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to use genomic testing to create personalized roadmaps for your clients. Then bring that information to the kitchen with Culinary Genomics, the new concept created by our experts to help you translate the information in DNA to food on the plate.

Join us in leading the revolution to transform personalized health!


The NCG Culinary Lab Experience

Having Fun Creating Food That Speaks to Your Genes!

What Our Students Are Saying ...

“Thank you for the opportunity to get involved in nutrigenomics. Amanda, Bobbi and Joe have presented with such enthusiasm and passion that I went away feeling like I had just experienced the most valuable workshop in my career as a teacher and fitness professional. I am reading on everything I can find about nutrigenomics and am hungry for more. ”

~ Jan Babington, PhD

“Wow! and double Wow!! What an unexpected treat!! Can't say enough about this delightful scientific peek into the future. I am anticipating seeing this subject develop over the next 10 years. Makes me want to organize my own diet better. Would love to hear more from Amanda Archibald. My favorite presentation!”

~ Conference Attendee

“ This is precisely where our profession needs to develop competence, and it's exciting to hear someone who is at the forefront, putting it together. Good synthesis of food as medicine!”

~ Conference Attendee

“I've really enjoyed listening to several webinars by Dr. Kline and Dr. Veltmann on genomics, and Amanda Archibald on Culinary Genomics. As I had been a conventional RD for the past 2 decades, I was hustling to get up to speed on the area of genomics. As we all know, the field of nutrigenomics has exploded! I feel I can probably speak for many that the science is comprehensive, and it is imperative we find credible practitioners who can help us translate this material so we can use it effectively to help our clients in practice. I found that Dr. Veltmann has a knack for speaking eloquently and in a manner that makes this comprehensive material somehow so much more clear. It's been an eye opener for me!”

~ Keri Lynn MacElhinney, RD, CDN, CLT